We are the longest established extension specialist on the Costa del Sol with more than 25 years experience of all different types of hair extensions, including the world’s leading brands, like Slavik Hair (handmade wefts & keratin), and Bellami, the worlds biggest hair extension provider.

Our Brands

We work with the complete pallet of Hair Extension systems, weft hair extensions which are connected to hair simply by braiding and soring in with needle and string or alternatively by using micro bond clips.


Choosing the right type of extensions for you can be a little tricky as there are simply so many different options out there. This is why we work with a variety of brands. What suits your friend might not be suitable for you. This is why we always recommend to come in for a FREE consultation

We have a look

A little hair exam, so we can decide on the right type of hair for you.

Your Look

We have a chat about the best way to proceed.

Test & Try

We go trough different samples to see what suits you best!

Let’s get to it!

After we have agreed, we book an appointment and order YOUR extensions.

Keratin Extensions

Although not the cheapest, Great Lengths hair extensions are by far superior in quality to other keratin bond systems. There is no heat or melting involved. Pre bonded hair is ordered in wanted length and and color. Great Length’s Protein Polymer bond is applied with an ultrasonic machine and ensures a quick and lasting bond.

The bonds are made of synthetic Keratin, mimicking the molecular structure of natural Keratin found in human hair and skin and maintains a PH balance of 5.5 to be compatible with your hair and skin.

The Power of Weft Hair Extensions

Imagine the possibility of levelling up your hair with length, volume, and texture in just an afternoon—that’s what weft hair extensions offer—a transformation without the patience required to grow your hair out. Available in wefts or long strips of hair that can be sewn, these extensions can be bonded or clipped into your natural hair for a low-lift look that feels both natural and packed with wow-factor.

What distinguishes weft extensions from others is their adaptability, long-lasting nature, and customization options to fit your unique style preferences. What’s not to love? Want to increase volume subtly or try more length? Weft hair extensions can get you there.

Weft hair extensions are essentially curtains of hair, sewn together at the top, that sneakily blend into your natural hair. They consist of a horizontal strip of hair that can be customized in length and volume, so you get the look you’re coveting, whether that’s a fuller, thicker appearance or to add length, all while maintaining a natural look that moves and feels like your own hair.

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